Our services

New Construction

Experience in building custom design, ready-to-build blueprints and "pre-fab" homes. Commercial projects ranging from leisure, retail, office, industrial, healthcare and multi-family housing buildings.


Improvements to an existing building or outdated room. With timely, responsive services we will resurrect the contracted structure or area without causing operational or living disruptions.


By incorporating universal concepts and modern building materials, we will transform the appearance, layout and design of a dwelling to improve upon the comfort and functionality of the structure.


Addressing repairs in old, dilapidated, and poorly maintained homes must be completed in a patient, systematic manner. Using this scheduled course of action will minimize damages and potential costs.

Common questions

Renovating an existing building or home can often be more cost effective and sustainable up front. However, what seems like a more affordable option might not always be the best choice. Factors to consider before making a decision are the purpose of the building or dwelling, budget, timeframe, compromise factors, building codes, future repairs or maintenance, and amoratized costs.

The key difference between a renovation and remodeling project is how deep the changes go related to the building or dwelling. A renovation means you're updating the complete existing structure, or a select number of rooms, with cosmetic changes. A remodel involves changing and expanding the structure and its physical footprint through demolition and new construction to include infrastructure and finished improvements.

Hard costs generally average out as 70% of the total of a construction project. From conceptual estimates we are able to create an accurate preliminary budget for materials. We pride ourselves in efficiently forecasting costs that deviate less 5% from our initial project estimate. Soft costs range depending on county and municipal code restrictions. Many times these administrative processes factor into increased labor costs in specific areas.

With an emphasis on schedule control when taking on a project, we are able to create an acceptable timeframe for completing most residential and commercial jobs. Using this method of critical path management, our turnaround for completing multi-room renovation or remodeling projects is on average three weeks as compared to a month long commitment offered by other builders.